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Take Control of Your Data

Switchboard enables non-technical business teams to do technical data analysis. Our turnkey solution transforms data into a strategic asset by empowering you to take control of your company's disparate data sources.

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Automate Real-Time Reporting

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Launch Within Weeks, Not Months

Save Months of Custom Development

Get ready to be the hero. Switchboard continuously aggregates data and delivers the granular information you need to more accurately answer the following questions for your company:

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Be Data Strong

From the team that launched Google BigQuery.

Switchboard provides an Enterprise SaaS solution with the flexibility, scale and built-in domain expertise that data-intensive companies require to optimize, leverage and monetize the constant deluge of business critical data. Switchboard's state-of-the-art software automatically extracts, normalizes, and monitors data so that you can analyze with conviction and be data strong.

"We implemented Switchboard's platform to eliminate the cost and uncertainty of building complex data automation. Switchboard's Data Operations domain expertise allowed us to focus on what we do best, delivering great digital... products."

— Barry, Global Conglomerate
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The Most Data Intensive Businesses Use Switchboard