It’ll be hard to stop once you get going—that’s the point. Yum!

Share with friends, new & old. We all want a buddy with brittle.

You’ll get rave reviews when you appeal to their sweet tooth.

Our peanut brittle comes to you after 35 years of loving perfection.

Don’t settle for chewy brittle. Our crunch is both mouth-watering and satisfying.

Looking for a unique party snack? Leave them begging for more.

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About Our Peanut Brittle

That Sweet Kind of Love — 35 Years in the Making

Over the last 35 years, we’ve been perfecting the candy, and it’s apparent at first taste! Uncle Ray’s Peanut Brittle is famous for its perfect crunch and mouth-watering taste—so good, it’s borderline addictive.

With a desire to give the people what they want while also being considerate of their waistlines, We’ve added more nuts for added protein, so you really can keep on snacking.

All of that combined with the sweet love that is poured into every ounce of Uncle Ray’s Peanut Brittle, and you have a recipe cooked to perfection.

Cloth Shopping Canvas Dog Groomer's Natural Bag CafePress Tote Bag
Plus, it’s sexy on both sides. And Gluten-Free to boot.

What more could you ask for?



The Best Peanut Brittle in the World—Ask Anyone

My Great Uncle Ray is famous in Southeast Texas and has been for over 35 years. That’s how long he’s been perfecting his peanut brittle and charming just about everyone West of the Mississippi. How does he do it? Well, if you ask Uncle Ray he’ll tell you it has to do with love—and love sure is sweet.

Peanut brittle isn’t just a candy or a sweet treat to be savored. It’s to be shared over conversations that make you reflect on life. It’s a symbol of love’s potential—that sweet kind of love—the unconditional kind you find in your heart for friends, family, and the quirky strangers you meet along the way.

Please enjoy Uncle Ray’s Peanut Brittle and let it open you to new people, places, and ideas.

In Love I Hope You Trust,

Courtney Ray

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